Pizza and Philosophy

Hello Explorers!

We are pleased to announce our inaugural Pizza and Philosophy event with Professor Nicholas Agar of Victoria University’s School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations.

This event will be held on August 11 at St Theresa’s School, and is for Explorers 8 and over.

Further details can be found on the Eventbrite page,

Play by Play Festival

We have been given the chance to visit the amazing Play by Play festival and talk to the organisers and game designers about the gaming industry, career options and then we have an opportunity to try out some new indie games on display. If you would like to attend, please check your email for eventbrite ticket information. If you need to get on the email list, please contact the events organiser Elizabeth.

This is happening on Wednesday the 18th of April at 1pm.

See: for details of the week long festival.

March and April fun!

We had a great time at Timbernook last week lighting fires, learning bush safety and toasting marshmallows over the fire. In April we are visiting the Play By Play exhibition and the New Zealand Ballet. Keep an eye out for emails with more details.


Check out our Facebook page soon for details of a visit to Timbernook just for Explorers members.

Deconstruction Day Saturday 3 March 2018 (+ AGM)

Our Annual pulling things apart, break and make day is coming up this weekend. We will have a short AGM, then break things apart to find out how they work! There will be a a small table with craft for some card making for any younger siblings who need something else to do. It’s bring a plate of food to share as well, so there will be some time to mix with other families.

There is no charge for this event, so its a good one to come along to and check us out! Please register on “Wellington Explorers AGM and Deconstruction Day”

1-45pm to 3pm, St Marks school hall, 13 Dufferin St Wellington





August Events

Hope you are keeping warm these school holidays!

Horse riding and a talk with Mike Teows, Hydrogeologist, GNS are in planning stages for August.

We asked for interest for the horse riding visit and it looks like we have enough numbers to set a date soon.

“We have the opportunity to check out a local riding stable who are happy to accommodate our Explorers.  The event would involve learning about the horses, how to groom/brush them and also having a look at horse dentistry.  There would also be the opportunity for the children to have a small ride (we’d break into groups).  This would be a hands-on event.”

This riding stable is used to working with children with different needs and is well suited to an Explorers events.  There would be a cost of $20 per child and minimum numbers are required.

Keep an eye on the emails for full details.

Gillian Dudfield-Hendren


Gifted Awareness Week 2017

Don’t forget to check out Gifted Awareness Week activities this week – Lobby Parliament, go on a blog tour, and participate in some fantastic webinars. I’m looking forward to Friday nights session  “Bottling a Storm: Empowering gifted individuals to harness their intensity

Friday 16th June, 7pm  “We know that intensity (or overexcitabilities) is a common part of being gifted. In this seminar we will explore how parents, clinicians and educators can assist gifted individuals to use their intensity to meet their potential. Some simple, subtle strategies will be introduced, along with providing participants with helpful online resources.”

And Saturday night our National President Brooke is giving a talk on “Finding your Tribe

“Gifted kids need like-minded peers to connect, tofeel valued, to be understood. This webinar will look at overexcitabilities, asynchronous development and how NZAGC helps children, their parents and teacher find their tribe.”

Mission Inflatable Family Catch Up

Just a reminder that we will have our family catch up at Mission Inflatable Lower Hutt this Sunday 11th June at 9.30am.

Please register for this event via the email that was sent to you or via this link:

(if you can’t get the link working, just turn up on the day and let us know you haven’t been able to register)

This is a very relaxed events for us, great chance to catch up and have a chat and the kids have a play.


Membership Form online


We have updated our membership form so that it reflects the NZAGC standard form. The form gets used when you apply to join the Wellington branch and for payment of the yearly fees. wgtn-explorers-membership-form-2017  We have added in the option to  email your membership form to Elizabeth and pay online, so that you don’t have to wait for us to check the  P O Box monthly and bank cheques!

Gillian Dudfield-Hendren