Gifted Awareness Week 2017

Don’t forget to check out Gifted Awareness Week activities this week – Lobby Parliament, go on a blog tour, and participate in some fantastic webinars. I’m looking forward to Friday nights session  “Bottling a Storm: Empowering gifted individuals to harness their intensity

Friday 16th June, 7pm  “We know that intensity (or overexcitabilities) is a common part of being gifted. In this seminar we will explore how parents, clinicians and educators can assist gifted individuals to use their intensity to meet their potential. Some simple, subtle strategies will be introduced, along with providing participants with helpful online resources.”

And Saturday night our National President Brooke is giving a talk on “Finding your Tribe

“Gifted kids need like-minded peers to connect, tofeel valued, to be understood. This webinar will look at overexcitabilities, asynchronous development and how NZAGC helps children, their parents and teacher find their tribe.”

Mission Inflatable Family Catch Up

Just a reminder that we will have our family catch up at Mission Inflatable Lower Hutt this Sunday 11th June at 9.30am.

Please register for this event via the email that was sent to you or via this link:

(if you can’t get the link working, just turn up on the day and let us know you haven’t been able to register)

This is a very relaxed events for us, great chance to catch up and have a chat and the kids have a play.